Saturday, 21 October 2017

First Review for Days of Evil by Joe Slade

Maggie O'Bannen Book 1: Days of Evil is released on 6 November courtesy of Piccadilly Publishing. Thanks to all you lovely people who have already pre-ordered it. Here's the first review courtesy of Western Fiction Review.

This book is definitely a page-turner that I couldn’t put down. Jo has created a superb new western heroine in Maggie O’Bannen and I’ve been left hungry for the second book

Read the full review here.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Guest Blog - The Westcon Trail by Charles Millsted

I was approached a while ago by Charles Millstead, fellow writer and western enthusiast, who asked if I'd be interested in attending a western convention in the UK, if there was such a thing. Having made many friends in the genre from writers and readers to publishers and artists, I thought it was an interesting idea. Since then, the concept has taken shape and I have invited Charles to contribute a guest post for my blog so that he can get the word out to a few more people and hopefully gauge more clearly what the interest might be. So, I hand you over to Charles...

The roots of Westcon started before I got involved. I like to imagine a scene in which there were four of them sat at a round table while the barman stood behind the long bar, slowly polishing a glass. The four were Pistol Pete Sutton, Captain Claire Fisher, Jonathan ‘Doc’ Howard and the mysterious Stark Holborn. They were plotting something big. At some point Pistol Pete contacted me and I agreed to join the ride. Someone raised a hand with all five fingers upwards.

Westcon, the ‘something big’ mentioned above, is a convention planned for 2018 celebrating all things western. We are going to hold a one day event in Bristol at which we hope to have as many western creators as we can entice. There will be authors reading from their books, panels discussing as many aspects of the western as we can fit in, display space for artists, tables for dealers in western books and related merchandise and possibly some western re-enactors (there are two groups in Bristol alone). We might also have quizzes, whisky tasting and other activities. If you have ideas please get in touch.

Who are we? Pete Sutton organises the Bristol Festival of Literature and other events as well as being a talented writer of speculative fiction. Claire keeps Pete in order. Jonathan L. Howard is a games designer and writer who has created ‘The Broken Sword’ game and the Johannes Cabal books among many other things. Stark Holborn is the writer of the acclaimed ‘Nunslinger’ book. And I’m the author of ‘Silence Rides Alone’. Collectively, we all love a good western.

As a build up to the 2018 event we are planning a series of events this October to build interest and awareness. On 14 October the good folks who run Bristol Horrorcon are letting us run a panel discussion about weird westerns as part of their programme. We are being joined for that by horror legend Kim Newman. (See for how to get tickets). 23 October is the date for an event we are calling ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ which will be a showing of the Coen Brothers version of ‘True Grit’ followed by a discussion of adapting novels for the screen. This is part of the Bristol Festival of Literature and tickets can be obtained at The last of the trilogy of events is courtesy of the organisers of the local science fiction convention, Bristolcon, who are hosting us for a panel discussion entitled ‘A Fistful of Genres’. That will be on the 18th October. See for details.

If you are finding this at Jo Walpole’s blog then you are obviously a person of taste and distinction and we would welcome your input. What would you want to see at a western convention? Who would be your ideal guest of honour? Do you know others that might be interested to whom you could spread the word? Contact me at Details of the venue should be available soon. A website will follow that.  

Crime fiction has Harrogate and Crimefest. Science Fiction has Worldcon, Eastercon and many others. Isn’t it about time that the western had a convention of its own?

Wagons ho!

Ian Charles Millsted
On facebook at @charlesmillstedwesterns

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

First review of Legacy Of A gunfighter

My friend Steve at Western Fiction Review has very kindly written the first review of my latest Black Horse Western. 

'Legacy Of A Gunfighter is a book that should be enjoyed by all fans of the western genre.'

See what else he had to say here.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Books I read in September

So many books, so little time. That seems to be my goto phrase at the moment. I can honestly say, I'm enjoying everything I read. Although I haven't been inclined to write any reviews for a while, I'm happy to recommend any of the books listed this month.

Riding For Justice (A Judge and Dury Western Book 2) – Ben Bridges
The Box Maker – SD Parker
Death In The Lava (A Sundance western bk4) – John Benteen
Vermijo – Nelson Hunter
Fargo (Fargo no.1) – John Benteen
Reckoning At Rimrock (A Clay Nash Western Book 4) – Brett Waring
The Deadly Dollars (An O’Brien Western Book 5) – Ben Bridges

See you next month.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Available now: Legacy Of A Gunfighter by Terry James

My latest Black Horse Western is released today on Kindle for £1.99 (UK). Enjoy!

Following his release from prison, all gunfighter Luke Nicholls wants is revenge against William Grant the man who almost killed him. Unfortunately, when the two meet, things don’t go the way Luke had imagined. Struck down by a mysterious malady, his confidence is shaken. More complications arise when Kate Portillo, a woman out to avenge the murder of her husband, tries to enlist his help. He refuses, determined not to lose sight of his own ambition, but Grant has other ideas. Dragged into a fight for survival, the odds are suddenly stacked even higher against Luke. As outside forces emerge and the game starts to take shape, Luke realizes that his part in it was never in doubt.  This is the legacy of a gunfighter and he will have to dig deep to claim his reward.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Books I read in August

It's the end of August already. Time flies, as they say. I'm surprised by how many books I've managed to read this month considering I've also done quite a lot of writing.

My favourite new find was the Judge and Dury series. Written with a sense humour and highly enjoyable. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next one of these.

The one that surprised me was the Trapp book, which is written in first person but not from the titular character's point of view.

Sundance is still my standout favourite goto at the moment.

No reviews this month but I've enjoyed pretty much everything. 

Here's the list-

The Killing Trail (A Bodie the Stalker Western Book 4) – Neil Hunter
Hang ‘Em All (A Judge and Dury Western Book 1) – Ben Bridges
Heller (Luke Heller Book 1) – Ben Bridges
Silence Rides Alone – Charles Milstead
Dakota Territory (A Sundance western bk3) – John Benteen
Trapp – MR Law

See you next month.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

It's by me but meaner, much meaner: Days of Evil (Maggie O'Bannen Bk1) by Joe Slade

Meet Maggie O'Bannen

Kidnapped at the age of sixteen, Maggie survived the fickle temper of notorious outlaw Mad Dog Frank O’Bannen for seven years. Now he's dead, and she's about to find out that there are worse ways to live and die than as the wife of a wanted man.
Frank had prepared her as best he could for what would follow and when she left her prison in the hills she had the blood of three men on her hands and knows the feel of hot lead. Soon her hard-won freedom is in doubt and she finds herself pursued by Frank’s old partner, a man with a vicious reputation and more than one score to settle.
Maggie has Frank’s gun, her keen wits and new friends to help her, but will they be enough to save her from the brutality of a maniac bent on revenge?
A new direction
Not long ago, I approached Piccadilly Publishing with an idea for a series. I wanted the freedom to 'go large', as I put it, and break away from the mainstream type westerns I had previously written. They were happy to let me run with it and off I went.

What happened?
Recently, I submitted the first book in the series - Days Of Evil (Maggie O'Bannen Book 1). It only took me 2 months to write from start to finish, which was a record for me and proves how much I enjoyed doing it. I'd go so far as to say it's my favourite book out of the 7 that I have had published since 2005. Piccadilly seem to agree.

Why the new name?
I decided to use a different pseudonym for this one as it's more violent than anything I've written before and I wanted to draw a line of distinction between Terry James and this new version of me.

The cover art
I'm very lucky to have had Tony Masero design the cover. I admit I was a little nervous as the women I'd seen on some of the Piccadilly covers tended towards overtly sexy and Maggie isn't that. I provided an overview of how I saw her and I think Tony Masero has done a really good job with her. I very much like the simplicity of the cover art overall.

What can you expect?
Trouble with a capital T. Maggie is a leader and as such people are drawn to her. She isn't afraid to tackle anything. As with all my characters, loyalty is non-negotiable and runs both ways.

When will it be available?
Piccadilly have given me a date of 6 November 2017.

What next for Maggie?
Book 2 is already under way with a working title - Wanted: Dead. I'm still very excited about Maggie and her band of misfits and am very much hoping that readers will take to them as much as I have.

Look out for more news coming soon.